Monday, November 23, 2009

Honda RCV 212 Dani PedrosaDani Pedrosa to return to the past, where MotoGP is still using the engine capacity of 990cc. The Spanish driver of this rate is used when the motor is too complicated.

Pedrosa's mind was back to the past, precisely in the year 2006. "The year 2006 was my debut in MotoGP and the last time this championship with a motorcycle engine 990cc," Pedrosa said as reported Visordown. "Motor is very different from what we drive now," he added.

24-year-old driver was judged that the motor is used when it is too ribet than three years ago. "The motor that we use today, too many electronic devices that make us have to continue to monitor panels instructions," said Pedrosa.

Smurf Spanish rider's nickname was said that he hopes someday when MotoGP returned using 990 cc. "If we really go back to 990 cc, then I will welcome that decision with a warm," he said.

Pedrosa opinion is quite different from her accomplishments. Since its debut in the MotoGP race at this point, the only season where Pedrosa finished outside the top three are in season 2006, where when he used his 990 cc motorcycle.

But perhaps the achievement of three years ago was also caused because he still needed adaptation in his first season in motor racing is the primary class.


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