Thursday, December 3, 2009

Perhaps the existence of the MotoGP 800cc engine will not last long. The problem has now emerged about the idea of the FIM-level capacity to 1000cc.

800cc four-stroke era began since 2007 when the (International Motorcycle Federation) FIM 990cc lowering of standards that have been used since 2002.

But that era probably will not last long after the President of the FIM, Vito Ippolito stated his idea of an increase to 1000cc. Ippolito himself gave a discourse is not with any reason.

According to all the manufacturers who are in the highest class would agree with the idea that will make the competition due to more attractive. Ippolito also sure it will not appear in conflict with World Superbike event which was also one-liter engine, because each race has its own characteristics.

"Manufacturers want MotoGP 1000cc engine, so it is what it is. 800cc engine is not working because it has power roughly the same (to 990cc) but only increased the speed of turning," he said in Autosport Motosprint as preached.

800cc own the system often got complaints from the riders related to the amount of electronic equipment involved in it. Criticism of them came from Valentino Rossi who called the current MotoGP quite boring.


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