Friday, December 4, 2009

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valentino ROSSI-Fiat yamaha Team
Valentino Rossi MotoGP Supports Plan to return to the 1000cc engine

The idea of using 1000 cc engine in MotoGP win the support of Valentino Rossi. What is the reason that makes the champion of the world provide support?

Ideas about the 1000 cc engine proposed by the President of FIM (Federation International Motor) Vito Ippolito. According to these concepts will make the competition more interesting.

This idea began to get support, one of Rossi. "I want to return to MotoGP in 1000 cc and these ideas will reduce 70 percent of electronic devices available today," said Rossi told RAI Sport as reported Visordown. "I think it is a fair deduction," continued the Doctor.

FIAT Yamaaha driver was aware that it is not easy to realize the plan. "Unfortunately, until now still not many rules that fit to support the plan and all are required to act up. We do need to give the boundaries but with a clever way," he said.

Currently using Moto 800cc four-stroke engine. This era began since 2007 when the FIM 990cc lowering of standards that have been used since 2002.

Rossi himself is one of the drivers who criticize the 800cc because of the many electronic devices are used.


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