Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ducati casey stoner
Ben Spies is only one involved direct competition with the MotoGP drivers. But it has made one of the drivers, that is Casey Stoner, was impressed.

Spies will make her debut in the full MotoGP next year. For this season Superbike 2009 world champion this time tried to show MotoGP in Valencia.

The result was disappointing to finish the seventh position. Meanwhile in Valencia practice session in mid-November ago, he showed a more promising performance that is sitting as the fourth fastest driver.

"I'm really impressed with his performance. He did his job well," Stoner said as quoted by Motorcycle News.

"At the beginning of the season I've told him that he was no longer need to be in World Superbike. He is the fastest in Superbike racing and not have to prove anything in there," continued the strengthening Ducati racer's.

Stoner added that Spies has some attitude as she did. "He was very calm and loves this sport, just like me. He also did not like other things beyond that."

"He understood that the current challenges awaited her and she had to do everything with full force," complete the Australian racer.


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